Monday, 13 January 2020

Sculpts of Tables and Crates

Found I had a load of WIP shots of the tables and crates I sculpted for my son for Christmas. Thought they might be interesting to see how each were constructed, so here they are. 

Basically they are based on foam board overlaid with Das/PVA mix.

Tables simply made in same fashion.

With all these I sculpted them in parts, meaning I did the tops to all the tables then the legs etc, I did not try to complete one table at a time. Drying stages are important so that you can handle the model during the next stage without scrubbing all the details previously added.

So for a long time non were complete, then all of a sudden they were all finished in the same pass, Patience is the key.

Must admit that if I make any more tables I will be looking to make a more complicated, realistic looking design. But these do work in game well and good.

Naked crates. 

Only one had a latch and edges, didn't seem necessary, so never bothered with the rest.


  1. I always adore the simplicity of your creations, but you manage to make them look so good.