Tuesday, 23 May 2017

MUMG: Bases or Lack Thereof

Realised that with all the Heroclix models I have now, rebasing was going to be an issue. So have had a go at casting some in Fimo, using Green Stuff casting thermoplastic.

I got better at casting the second six and flattened the underneath better. Never expect them to be brilliant, but they are the correct size and general shape. They will do :-)

Here's Avalanche glued on.

Must point out that if I could have bought some at a reasonable price I would have done, but there you go.

The mould in Green stuff.

The Fimo, once warmed through worked well in the mould. May try a more complicated one next and cast a barrel.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Warpath Firefight: Plague 500 pts

Have been working on the beginning of my Plague army for Warpath and they should be getting an outing tonight at the club.

More details and shots of the units in a later post.

Very much looking forward to playing with them. 

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Frostgrave: Annaka's Warband

Just recently, in the Daxio household, we have been playing Frostgrave Lite, which is essentially, no apprentice, 250 gc to set up your warband and only 4 initial spells picked from the Wizards own spell deck/book. 

Here is the newest warband to enter Felstad, Annaka the Thaumaturge and her Warband of four.





The whole warband together. All Reaper models.

Here is the record sheets to help Annaka to run her warband in the forthcoming games. She has a very Clerical feel, concentrating on defense. Look forward to our first four way game. 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

MUMG: Box of Heroclix

I have managed to aquire, via Ebay, quite a crop of what I am going to use as Marvel Universe miniature Game models. They willall need repainting and rebasing, but I am looking forward to getting into that. 20 models for £15, not bad really.

The evil villains.

Storm below and Avalanche above have been rebased, more on that in later post.

How they arrived, all present and correct. 

Mrs Daxio had to have Groot, so he came along.

Electra came free with Groot, while Thor and Spiderman I have had a while.

So whenever I get a chance I will be repainting and rebasing these, could be a while. First I have to make the bases, this is in hand and will post about them later.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Saga: Rules and Dice and Boards Ready to Go

With the arrival of my Saga rules I am now all set to start playing games of Saga, most likely over at the WWarriors GC as there are at least 2 other players there and my friend Mick has expressed an interest too.

I have also managed to unearth about 40 Warlord celts, which I am thinking of making into an Irish force, look forward to creating FinnMcCool and his Fianna, but they are very much for the future. When I have played 10 games or so then the Irish may well be started.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Warpath Firefight: Cyphers

Continuing to work on my new Warpath army, Asterians I completed this extended unit of Cyphers.

They are constructed from old GW models, loads of which I have knocking about here at home.
The main bodies for these are Dark Eldar, while the heads are Tau, finished off with, of all things, a bit of bamboo skewer to create the end of the Noh rifle. They look OK from a distance is all I can say.

This Cypher holds a Fusion Beamer.

Another unit upgrade, this Cypher uses a missile launcher.

Above, basic Cyphers with Noh rifles.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Saga: Viking Thrall Archers, ( or Riot Bane)

My largest unit, which may well never reach a game, are my Thrall Archers. They are probably the least classic Viking troops I have put together and also theose least likely to see a game, but they are all painted and ready for action in the event of a larger game. Or they may get mixed in with other units to bulk them out and give a bit of variation. So they won't be a waste of time painting them :-)

They are made from GW Bretonion archers with hoods, leggings added and crenolated tops removed to give a more Viking look. heads are left over Gripping Beast Hirdmen heads.

Second six.

All the Thralls together.

Presently I have 8 more warriors, these with spears, put together and undercoated black, these will be painted some time in the future.

Finally I re-worked another old building from the club this week and it went back last night. Thought it sort of looked a bit Viking/Rohan in nature, so I add it here.