Sunday, 15 July 2018

Five Parsecs: Newly Sculpted Crew of the Odi Santi

For some time now I have been unhappy that the models I was using as the crew of the Odi, were not modeled by me entirely but converted from Irregular miniature Ancient Celts. There's nothing wrong with using them as adversaries but not as main characters, heavens no!

So I have set about building these from scratch, wire frame over which I sculpted green stuff.

Darrsha had been made previously and Timtuc is a GW epic miniature.

I would like to point out that the following character sheets are my design and are not sanctioned by either Ivan Sorensen, Nordic Weasel Games or the Unity Authorities.

Close ups below, not brilliant at this scale being 10/11 mm in size, but there you go :-)







Didn't take any GS pictures and had undercoated them before I had thought about it. So just decided to post the finished versions, although I will be adding some more bits to the bases eventually.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Mighty Empires: Setting Myself a Challenge

I have for quite some time had a copy of Mighty Empires in my collection of GW games. First off was the original version from the 90's game which was produced to acclaim at the time.

But some years ago now I was bought the newer plastic hex version, which proved to be totally rules lite. However the tiles were smashing although I never got into painting them. Skip a few years and my friend Mick suggested we play a Saga campaign and use the Mighty Empires set I have.

I agreed and then sat on the tiles for the next 2 months, not literally that would be uncomfortable and odd, but recently they came down from the loft and are being undercoated as I type, yes I have 4 arms.

So I will record my endeavours with said tiles.

Have started undercoating them.

These are some extra tiles I got off Ebay cheap, the block of 6 were sadly glue together.

My first 5 tiles complete.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Five Parsecs: Alien Mercs Completed

These are all the new Alien Mercs and the original 5 and I don't think they look too bad now they are together.

As I hoped the paint drew them all together as a group. 

However it has made me think about whether it is really that useful to create molds when they are generally of an inferior quality.   

It is the speed by which they can be knocked out that is the draw.

At 10 mm or so I'm not sure I should worry that much, especially since its only me playing with them :-)

The tufts are a bit of an experiment that went a bit strange, so thought they may work well here and they look OK.

When I get the new crew of the Odi Sante complete I will be running another solo 5 Parsecs game shortly.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Gaslands: Training Arena/Day

Wanted to set up a 2 foot square training area for my Team Idris and to show how other terrain from other game systems can be used to great effect in Gaslands.

The starting lines are a mix of sci-fi spaceship floor plans for 5Parsecs and some steampunk machinery pieces for In Her Majesty's Name.

The 2 foot board is a camping sleep mat cut down. May paint some oil spills and rust/blood patches and some skid marks on eventually.

Obviously could never actually play a full game on 2 foot square, but I have 4 of these mats, and they are cheap to buy- £2.99 Morrisons!

These are all the pieces of pre-existing terrain I had made for other games:


Five Parsecs in 10 mm

The walls are from Five Parsecs in 30 mm.

I still need to glue my wheels so the cars don't travel on the board..... today!!!!

Red finishing posts from In Her Majesty's Name.