Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Frostgrave: Ice Tower

This is a tower I have been working on for some time but had really lost my way with. It often happens that I lose interest in a project that I believe is going off track. This is one of the later that I started some while ago, coming from the idea that I wanted to get some height into the games of Frostgrave without simply sticking a tower into the game.

Its all constructed from thick cardboard reclaimed from boxes, left over polystyrene and the dregs of a container of Artex. I haven't been out and bought anything for the project. The base is of hardboard, which may have been a bit of an error as it may have warped a bit.

The whole piece has had two coats of white emulsion and then washed over with a green and then blue which I made from Rinse aid and a dab of the appropriate colour. Very simple. 

Finally the smaller pieces of scatter terrain you can see were an experiment I made while I was at Lukes and we had a few bits of Sculptamold, our home made version, left over and I'm not keen on throwing stuff away. So I made these icy lumps, could be stalagmites at a push.

Been a while since I have played Frostgrave it has to be said, apart from playing D&D, spending lots of time working with Luke's APS, more on that soon.

Will try to get this in a game shortly to see how it plays out.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

D&D 5e: Hox, Half Orc Barbarian

 Hox is the Half Orc barbarian Blacksmith who has been helping out the players in my D&D campaign as an NPC.

Here she is in her blacksmiths, think I need an anvil and more tools :-) Or perhaps I mean Hox does.

Wouldn't be something  I would usually do but the players chose a rather eclectic group of PC's and it seemed to me that a bit of extra muscle might come in handy on occasion.

Apart from giving her responses to certain situations she is controlled by a couple of the players at the moment. She has been a useful NPC as she draws a link between the new players and the village of Sagan, where they are based, as well as linking part of the adventure and also adding a large maul with which to hit goblins and orcs. All useful stuff.

Searching about, however, for a likely model I found it difficult and after a mild flirtation with sculpting I remembered I had a Frostgrave miniature that might do the job and so Hox was born as a physical model.

The players like Hox and she doesn't seem to have created any problems within the group.
I don't see her as a permanent member of the group, but she may well appear in more than the initial games, basically, where appropriate.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Saga: New Rule Books

As you can see all my Saga stuff came in the post, end of the week and I have begun reading through the rules and looking at the battleboards.

Being a recent player of Saga buying into the new rules set has not been a problem to me really, especially after all the years of conditioning I have had at the hands of GW, ha ha.

The Viking age book is hard back and the main rules book is soft back, no problem at all. The Battleboards don't feel as robust as the originals I have to say, but really I am not concerned.

The first thing on the agenda is to scan all the boards and print new ones, I will keep the originals in an enclosed vault down in the cellar in a filing cabinet marked "Beware the Leopard," that should keep em safe.

Am looking forward to having some reading time this afternoon.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Saga: Vikings V Anglo -Danes the rematch

A quick shift round of some of the terrain and off we went again for the second time that evening. Anglo-Danes in the hands of Mick and my Vikings.

In an attempt to force Mick into panic I pushed one unit of warriors right up his right flank, but at what cost, they had 2 fatigue which proved hard to get rid of.

Micks Danes moved across the field to his left.

The Anglo-Danes were very worried the Vikings might get down their flank, but by using their Intimidation ability I never got a chance to rest them. I did however mean that I was surging forward while Mick was maneuvering.

Then I made an error, I split my force. 

Still the Anglo-Danes moved to their left and held back.

The Vikings, full of confidence, advanced up the middle of the field too close to the ADane hearthguard, with dreadful results.

The Viking berserkers were wiped out to a man.

Desperately the Viking Leader rallied her troops, by removing fatigue from 2 units nearby. 

However the ADane hearthguard proved far too effect in groups of 6 for the warriors to deal with.

Having  destroyed my warrior and berserker units my Warlord found herself isolated and in a bad way. Well played Mick.

It didn't look good for the Viking Warlord, but despite being by both the ADane Warlord and his Hearthguard, she managed to survive.

However, emboldened, my Warlord attacked the ADane Warlord and the encounter back fired badly, leading to her death.

Finally the last scrap of the game led to six Viking warriors die at the cost of 3 ADane hearthguard.

Desperate, the last 2 stormed back into the hearthguard and both sides lost 1 model, the lone Viking retreated.

The last action of the game was the killing of the lone warrior by the hearthguard and that brought the game to an end as it was rather late.

We decided to give the victory to the Anglo-Danes especially due to the loss of the Viking Warlord.
Well played Mick

And that is the last report I will be doing from the old Saga rules.
Also I will probably be reporting on how the Irish do in future games for a while.

Cheers for reading.