Monday, 13 January 2020

Sculpts of Tables and Crates

Found I had a load of WIP shots of the tables and crates I sculpted for my son for Christmas. Thought they might be interesting to see how each were constructed, so here they are. 

Basically they are based on foam board overlaid with Das/PVA mix.

Tables simply made in same fashion.

With all these I sculpted them in parts, meaning I did the tops to all the tables then the legs etc, I did not try to complete one table at a time. Drying stages are important so that you can handle the model during the next stage without scrubbing all the details previously added.

So for a long time non were complete, then all of a sudden they were all finished in the same pass, Patience is the key.

Must admit that if I make any more tables I will be looking to make a more complicated, realistic looking design. But these do work in game well and good.

Naked crates. 

Only one had a latch and edges, didn't seem necessary, so never bothered with the rest.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Flat Designs Part 1

Happy New Year and I hope the Christmas celebrations went well for you and yours. This is my first post of the year, not because I haven't been making stuff, but because posting it seems just so difficult at the moment, ridiculous I agree.

These are the Flat designs for larger monsters I had been on with before the hols, all drawn and water coloured by me, then photocopied on my printer.

Will need cutting, gluing to card and laminating all bar the Chuul as I have 4 of them made already.

Otyugh design. 
Quick disclaimer:
All of these were created by looking at examples on the Net and then drawing my own versions, so if they look similar to something you've seen before, that's the reason. Some from miniatures and some from drawings, but these are all definitely hand drawn by me.

Owl bear.

Umber Hulk, my least favourite drawing, he looks to me to having a sly grin at the camera...

The water coloured backs.

Next are the Slaad, again the larger creatures are going to be Flats, the smaller I have the models to convert them.

Still markings and water colouring to do. Pencil marks need rubbing out too :-)

The photocopied sheets all ready to be cut and stuck. 

Looking forward to a productive 2020 and hope you all are too. 

Thanks for dropping in for the last 6 years.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Crates,Tables, Sacks and Temple Scenes

Completed the models I have been making for my son, for his D&D campaigns.

Crates and sacks. Crates sculpted by me, using Das and the sacks sculpted by my friend Wayne Cooper, very nice, cast by Luke.

Crates are based on foamboard, cut into squares and glues then overlayed with Das and PVA.

The larger areas are box base and lid that all the bits fit into except the columns.

The whole piece set up as an example for play.

I had already made a boat so added that.

Last of all I would like to thank all the folks that follow the blog and those that comment, it is much appreciated.

Happy Christmas to you all and a happy new year :-)

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

D&D: The Freeing of Baloc

Spent Sunday afternoon and evening playing D&D last weekend and as the terrain was particularly swell, my GM Lee's set up, I thought I would take some pictures to record the afternoons proceedings.

We were on a mission to save Baloc who had been coerced into becoming the page turner for Dunning the Beholder.

The action took place in a massive library, the books belonging to Dunning which he was methodically reading till we arrived.

In one corner he also had a ritual spell on the go to animate a Golem. Below is Hoxus my half orc female barbarian/warlock who has just knocked over the spell book needed for the ritual to work: then finding herself petrified by an eye stalk.

In the end Thorn, our druid and Oromur, a rogue were the only PCs that managed to wound the Beholder more than once

Hoxus spent 3 turns petrified, threw 2 javelins and missed, then spent her time waking people who had been put to sleep. Very effective!!!! I finally reached Dunning and Oromur shot him and killed him,,,

Still petrified.

One dead Beholder and loads of laughs later, we were convinced we were all going to die.

Cheers Lee and truly fun game with a large dose of peril :-)