Wednesday, 28 June 2017

MUMG: Jean Grey and Nightcrawler

The latest two Marvel miniatures, X Heroclix models, to be painted, looks like the bases need another coat of black fom the pictures.

Jean I had to repaint from scratch, so took a little while.

On the other hand Nightcrawler actually had a drybrush of grey all over and eyes dotted in white and that was that. Very quick.

I really like the Nightcrawler miniature, just goes to show how good some of the Heroclix sculpts can be.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

KOW: Beers, Second Draft, Herd 1000

Final posting of the actual 1000 pt force I will be taking to the Beers of War Tournament on the 8th July. I will be playing with my friend Mick and his Orcs.

Horde of Guardian Brutes, Minotaurs to you and me, these are Elite.

Another Horde of Guardian Brutes, nothing added.

Last Horde of Guardian Brutes, playing the Pipes of Doom.

Troops of Hunters with bows.

The overall general of the whole Herd/Orc combo. Shaman with Heal spell.

Thought I would include the pictures of the last units to recieve attention before the tournament.

I re-used the old bases to make the new ones.

I was given this large weapon which I turned into a standard.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Ghost Archipelago: Pirate Ships Part 2, Me Hearties

Some shots of the 2 pirate ships I have been constructing for Ghost Archipelago when it comes out later in the year.

Been adding loads of details and trying to make both the vessels look different from each other.

The details were added, as you can probably see, using matchsticks, coffee stirers and cocktail sticks.
There are also quite a few lolly sticks in there too

Light fitment for stern of ship.

Shots of both the vessels together.

So what do you do about the unsightly corrugated bits of card showing? Use PVAcrete of course, a bit thinner than usual so it works into the gaps, 

Looks much better than the other above.

This is where I am with both of them now, still a load of details to add to the prow of each model and more details on the right hand model in general.

Finally it will be the masts that need adding, thought I was going to use old pencils but turns out I don't have any. So had to go and buy some dowel, cost me £2.25 from Wickes, it is the only thing I have had to purchase for this build, so still quite happy.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

What I do on my Holidays...

Yes, sad I know.
But this is what I got on with while away in Gallaway & Dumfries, which is a lovely place and had gorgeous weather, great for walking the dogs.... however also full of midgies which happen to love eating me.

These mad jottings are among some of my rambling thoughts that I always record just incase they come in handy in the future.

These are specifically attempting to organise future games for 5 Parsecs.

Others are creating backdrops against which to play. For example this small outpost is Wist Town on Dubhe-C and is the only settlement on the hostile planet. But in making this map things began occuring to me, specially since I had the planetary info to hand, so that now when I write this up it will have a whole community that can be interacted with and the occupants that have stories of their own and intentions of their own. Fun.

Introducing NPC's that will be cropping up in later games.

Organising how settlements are organised within the limits of the terrain I have available and what I may have to make in the future.

All these notes are invaluable to me when I come to fleshing out back grounds for NPC's or settings.
Although, it has to be said, some never gets used at all. 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

KOW: Beers of War, practice games

Last week, Mick and I got together to test out our 1000 pt Kings of War armies for the upcoming Beers of War tournament on the 8th of July. And did we have some fun, oh yes :-)

Before I start the following diatribe thought I'd mention that I'm on holiday next week, so no posts for a while, but I will be back posting soon.
Game One

We played a basic kill scenario just to get used to the armies, next time we'll practise some of the more fiddly scenarios.

Most of Mick's army are Morax infantry and Gore Riders which are Cav, Doh.

I used the Stampede to move through the woods, hoping to catch Mick out later in the game.

My Brutes edged forward, into a trap by the looks of it!

The Stampede keep circling the terrain.

Mick's excellent pincer set up drew my line apart and meant neither side were really well protected.

Also I had not paid attention to how close the Morax were on the left flank, deary me...

All of a sudden I am 3 units down, what happened?

A frontal charge by the Brutes on the secon Gore unit ended in victory for the Herd, but really its too little too late.

The Gores hit my Shamen and despatched him.

Then followed up into the Brutes.

The Brutes were routed and then all eyes turned to the outnumbered Stampede. The  Herd were completely defeated.

2 Regiments of Morax
2 Regiments of Gore Riders
Krudger on a Gore

2 Regiments of Brutes
Shamen with Heal 5
2 Troops of Hunters with bows

Game 2

Second chance for glory, I kept my forces more together this time.

Mick split his into two camps, Morax to the left and Gore Riders to the right.

My idea was to crush the Gore Riders first then move onto the Morax.

I had badly judged the distance between the Gores and the Brutes, leeding to the demise of the Brutes.

The Stampede got too close but I thought they could stand the heat for a turn.

Wrong they were wavered, which meant no movement and no attacking, a sitting duck.

Despite both units of Hunters ambushing Mick's Gore, they failed to dent them.

In a last ditch attempt at glory, the Brutes rout the Orc Lord and the Stampede rout the Gore Riders.

While Mick's other Gores tore up the Hunters.

The Stampede was not best placed to face the Morax, especially with 12 wounds.

The last of the Hunters go down.

And with the last Brute Horde left being stared down by 2 regiments of Morax, one in the flank, it was obviously time to throw in the towel.

Well done to Mick, he played well throughout, he really manipulated my troops well, pulled them from pillar to post. 

I will have to go back to the drawing board and think how I might alter my list and consider how I aught to be playing that list, since I'm not at the moment!

Mick made some decisions about his force too, he decided for the next game to lose his Godspeaker, pick up a troop of Skulks and just have his Lord on Gore as his inspiring presence.

All in all a great couple of games and I learned lots from the encounter. Looking forward to the tournament more than ever now :-)