Saturday, 17 August 2019

D&D: My New GM Set Up

For quite some time now, I have been using a DM screen bought from a local games store and it has been absolutely fine. However I've wanted something a bit more personal to me and that I had crafted myself.

Well this is what I have come up with in the last few weeks. Built on 6 mm MDF and with a frame of 1" by 1" approximately, timber.

The details are all created from foam and glued to the MDF with PVA glue, which seems to hold far better than I thought it would.

Inside, but not connected, is a sort of tray I have been using for some time now, built with the same materials, minus the foam. It gives me space for all my nicknacks and an area to roll dice.

The boxes contain my initiative markers and 20 sided dice, inspiration markers and condition bands. 

I painted the whole thing black and then dry brushed over with grey and then purple.

I will be varnishing it eventually but I am considering adding some further details to complete it. A bit like I did on the separate tray.

One thing I like about this set up is that when all folded down the screen is exactly the same size as the tray, so it all sits on top of each other and takes up very little room.

I am already mulling over some further extra accessory ideas I have, will post when any of them are complete.

All laid out ready to go for a session.

The black card sleeves I made to put information cards, NPC cards and Monster cards in, so that all an adventures details are all in one place. 

Mrs Daxio bought me the little wooden box years ago but I made the grey stone textured box recently.

A few shots of the design before it was painted.

Foam sheet seems to have a far wider use than I would have ever thought it had. I have a few other projects on the go that I am using it on.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Terrain: Modern Buildings

Finally got round to creating the basic forms for the rest of the buildings I am going to be making based on the original here pictured at the front.

They are all made from the same cat food card boxes I used for the first, along with more basic bricks from the wooden kiddies set I bought ages ago.

When complete I will have 4 buildings that I can set to various heights so that all the bases are covered, so to speak.

These all come to pieces and when I have a few more roof top sections I will be able to have perhaps 6 buildings in total from what I have made here. 

Next I have to cut all the parts to create the details and then glue them in place. But since I know what I am doing should not take too long.

Finally will come the painting.

Must apologise for not being very active recently but have had a case of sinusitis for last two weeks and really haven't felt much like doing any modeling at all. 
Noses eh?

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Terrain: Wall Remodel

A few years back I started creating a load of wall sections to use in D&D to create rooms and dungeons. They were a bit thrown together although the basic idea was OK, pinched from DM Scotty to be honest.

This weekend just gone I was involved in a three day monster game of D&D, we played for about 28 hrs over the three days. Which was great fun to play.

The thing I realised was that the walls I had looked a bit uninteresting and that they could do with some details adding.

Basically I took some Das/PVA mix and added a few exposed stone sections, just to break them up a bit.

Then I set about painting and was reasonably happy that I had upgraded the wall I had.

Just another 30 or so to do, will post when all the sculpting done.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Terrain: First New Hill in 15 years!

This is my new hill the first I have built for about the last 15 years.

At its core is cardboard packing box card, we got a new TV, covered in PVAcrete.

The rocks are pieces of cardboard covered in Das and PVA and sculpted into shape.

The whole piece was painted brown except the rocks. I then covered the hill in flock and added grass tufts in clumps and at the rock edges.

The whole thing was based on some hardboard, the same stuff I use for everything.

I intend building another 3 and when I do I will record all the processes and post them here.