Monday, 22 April 2019

D&D: Carrion Crawlers

A little while ago I played in a game of D&D where Carrion Crawlers made a bit of a nuisance of themselves and I liked that, so I thought I would have a go at creating a few from corks and card, a glue gun and some GS for the details.

I cut and angled the corks securing them to the card base (cat food box card) then created the ridges with more hot glue.

When the glue had set, I did multiple gluings to build up the ridges, I made up some GS and made all the teeth/fangs I would need. Waited for them to set and then mixed more GS for the mouth and eyes.

Then I pushed the teeth into the mouth area and balled up the GS into little "balls" and stuck them to the..... head?

I worked around the edges of the mouth after the teeth were pushed into place, put a bit more hot glue on the base and that was it really.

Painting next, when I get an opportunity.

I really enjoyed making these and have been scouring the Monster Book to see which other monsters I could possibly make for nothing except time.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Five Parsecs: Odi Sante Mission Update

This is going to be something of a review of where the crew of the Odi Sante are at the moment and be an introduction into the next round of three games in the campaign. I an acutely aware that I have not played a game of 5 Parsecs for some time and it has been a game I have loved for some time now. The new version brought out last year was a welcome review and only made the game more interesting for me. 

Game One
In a local bar the newly formed crew of the Odi Sante met a local militia gang leader, Sal Bleng who needed Lin a coder to reach a very specific terminal in an industrial part of Horst interface with it and not be disturbed. Unfortunately some Alien Mercs had already staked the area out. After a quick firefight the Mercs retreated and the day went to the crew earning them 3 creds.

Game Two
This game was just one of those opportune moments, when it looks like nothing could really go wrong. The crew catch wind that a cache of weapons has been dropped near the crossroads and that the Mutants that were supposed to pick them up are late and poorly organised. Sounds like a win win situation. With the Mutants driven off and the cache secured the crew passed it to a dealer who gladly paid 6 creds unseen. Big mistake, because the container was full of novelty stuffed toys, worth nothing. Octoba Mensce, the dealer, is now an enemy of the crew, but luckily the Mutants are not.

Game Three
The crew were forced to work for Sal Bleng on Horst yet again, desperate as they were to get off planet. They were asked to destroy a statue to a Punk gang leader which had become a bit of an icon for gangs in the downtown area of the planet.( Horst is just about one huge city.)
The crew managed to blow it up and shoot down quite a few punks in the process.
Hopefully they will have enough creds to buy the fuel they need to get off world.

Unfortunately, due to medical costs etc the crew only come away with 3 creds not enough to get off Horst and the clutches of Mr Bleng.

Thanks to Ivan Sorensen for creating Five Parsecs from Home
it has been great fun to play all these years.

This post sort of announces the next three campaign games which will follow shortly.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Terrain: Wagon Train

Finished the second two wagons to complete this set. My first attempts at open wagons, apart from the odd chariot for my orc and goblin armies.

I have three rather nice cows! that will be pulling them, still need some paint however and perhaps some bases, not decided on that.

The wheels were always going to be the most fiddly part of this build, and they were.

I can see these being used in a huge variety of games and am a little surprised I'd never made any previously :-)

All in all these will get plenty of use, which is important and they will inform my next "wagon" type build which will be a covered Gypsy type affair.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

D&D: Challenge Final Update

And to finish, a collection of group shots from the whole shebang.

Both player characters and evil denizens of where ever you happen to be.

And of course they are on the 1ft square board I made for Tom to use in game play.

True to form I've been chatting with the lad himself and he's asked for some barrels and walkways. This may well be never ending now, but I really don't care at all, just love the fact we share a passion. 

For the present then this the last post related to the work I started well before Christmas, deadlines eh, Pah!

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Cottage Two Revamp Complete

Completed the cottage I have been working on recently.

The big difference between this and the previous model is that all the walls and wood work has been sculpted from Das and PVA.

I was quite happy with the windows and doors, so those were not changed at all. The roof was made exactly the same as before, I cut all the tiles by hand from tapers bought of Ebay, they're meant to be used to light church candles, but make great miniature roofs.

I think this one is better than the first, so quite happy with it.

The pots are all made from Das, the bench from coffee stirrers.

Taking a bit of a break before starting the next cottage, instead I have a small building half the size of this one, I'm going to do that one next.