Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Saga: The Irish are on the warpath

A little while ago I bought an Irish warband from Footsore Miniatures, they really appealed to me as the models are all individual, then I noticed some hounds for sale on Ebay and now have a 5 point list developing. (not all the hounds are individual)

Started to put them together and here I am so far. Still a way to go.

Non of the models come with bases, so I got down to cutting my own.

Warhounds, which count as warriors.


The whole warband, all their bases made and built up ready to be undercoated.


Warriors. Luckily I had a load of spears left over from my GB Vikings box set otherwise they would be like the undercoated figure at the rear with wire spear.





The whole warband all ready to be undercoated. Next month sees the release of the new Saga rules and I am looking forward to getting my hands on those.

Lastly, I'm going to create my slingers, levi, from some left over Foundry Greeks. Here's my first attempt. Should take the list to 6 points in total.

I added, the sling, too large presently, his extra hair, still needs more adding to the front, and I added a bag for his ammunition.

Still looks too Greek or even Egyptian at the moment. This will be the last unit I make for a while.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Beers of War: A New Hop

It was the ever popular Beers of War series of tournaments again this weekend, sadly I could not play for one reason or another but I did get to pop along yesterday and spend some time chatting with Lee,  Luke and Chris which was nice and got to take some pictures of the games.

Loads of fantastic armies and plenty of smart terrain from Lukes APS and gaming mats from Pworks.

Very much quieter day Sunday, it was Kings of War singles, the Saturday seeing a 40K doubles and KOW doubles games too, where, by all accounts, a lot of beer was consumed. So sore heads on Sunday :-)

Saturday, 20 January 2018

D&D 5e: Dungeon Walls Update and 1000th Post

This is officially my 1000th post, imagine that :-)
This is all the wall sections I am going to make for my games of D&D 5e, I think I listed them all last time I posted on this subject, although I don't think I added in the doors I have been making, there will be 14 of those in total.

I have been using lots of odds and ends to create the door feel, to give a bit variety and I will paint some of them differently to give further variance.

The longest, 12" sections.

Doorways, using lolly sticks, matchsticks, skewers and coffee stirers.

The finished doorway and some of the wall sections and what you can do with them. No crude suggestions please. The base is the unfinished cork placemat board I was making for Frostgrave but not finished, I think the walls work well on them.

Well, there you are, my 1000th post and I have to say that I am still enjoying producing the blog and have plans for all sorts of content in the future.

I am always open to suggestions too so if you have a particular "thing/topic" you want me to make/cover then make a comment and I'll see what I can do :-)

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Warmaster: Hold the Hill- Game 3

Having gathered his triumphant troops together on the summit of a nearby hill, MacEalar was ready to make camp and celebrate the huge victory at the ford. A feast was on.

Little did he know he was being spied from only a short way away by Paetinus and his recently rallied troops. Yes, the Roman Legions had once again proved just how hard they were to rout and now they were ready for some revenge.

Many of the Parisi lads and lasses had already had a few jars and were getting a bit raucous.

All but the Parisi light cavalry were on the hill, they held back to see what would happen.

MacEalar was by far the worse for wear, so forgot to tell the warband what he wanted them to do. He didn't even react when Paetinus managed to push 2 units of Legion to the rear of his troops on the hill.

Roman Auxiliaries charged in a bit prematurely and found themselves retreating back to the main Roman line.

Emboldened, but not getting any orders from MacEalar, his troops surged off the hill into the Roman ranks.

MacEalar, felt confident as the Parisi trap was sprung, but most of his warriors were stuck back on the hill well out of the action.

Some success, but not the destruction hoped for, that 5+ save on the Legions really helped them out.

On the hill the 2 loose Legions hit the rear and flank of the Parisi warriors, while the Auxiliaries have a go at the chariot, which MacEalar had completely forgotten he had. Beer can do that to a man.

In a n instant the battle had changed, many of the warriors had run off or slaughtered where they stood. MacEalar began to sober up, but would it be too late?

The Parisi warriors rallied and attacked.

But they lacked enough punch to finish their adversaries.

The 2 Legions on the hill started to mop up the stray Parisi warriors.

For a moment Paetinus looked as if he may be in trouble, but MacEalar dragged the Light cavalry back to help with the Legions running rampant on the hill.

A concerted attack on the last warrior unit in the Parisi warband saw them destroyed along with MacEalar who joined the warriors to give them a few extra desperate attacks and it led to his defeat. 

With MacEalar captured, his remaining troops fled the battlefield.

Paetinus gathered his troops and began to march for Calcaria, finally he had defeated his enemy, surely his commander would recognize this and commend him.

Post Game

The greatest problem that beset the Parisi was that they could not pass one command check in the first 3 turns and most of the warriors were facing away from the Romans. The Romans however had a clear view so had easy charges off their own initiative.

The big game changer was getting the Legions onto the hill behind the Parisi warriors and being able to get the drop on them, taking them out of the game.

With MacEalar captured I'm not sure how I will play the next game, but do know it will have escalated to 750 points of troops per side.

Thanks for reading, if you still are :-)