Thursday 4 August 2022

Orc Army in 2/3 mm

While I was away, I am now home, I built this 2/3 mm army having been inspired to do so by various You tube Vloggers. I had limited resources and space, hence the small nature of the army.

I ended up with:
Krudger on a winged Slasher
Godspeakers x2
Wardrums x2
Regiment of Morax x2
Horde of Ax
Regiment of Greatax x 2
Regiment of Gore Riders x2
Troop of Outriders x2
Horde of Trolls x2
Horde of Gore Chariots

For a grand total of 2975 points

They are OK, I could play with them and did several times while away.

However when I had been home a while and looked at them I decided I could do better.

So that is what I intend to do, although first I will post some pictures of the Elves I created to play against.

They were a good way to test what was possible and led to further experimentation.


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