Sunday, 23 April 2017

Five Parsecs-Necromunda: Small Terrain Update

Completed the small terrain pieces for Necromunda last night, coated with a mixture of wood stain and PVA glue to sort of laquer the model. If you remember back to last week, I can just, they are made from odds and ends from my bits box.

I did want them to have a dirty used quality and infact I had to apply the stain and PVA twice because they were not grimy enough the first time round.

Some shots with miniatures to give an idea of size.

More with other pieces of terrain to see how they work together.

Couple of close ups.

I wasn't overly careful with the paint job as I wanted it grimy, although they might benefit from dribbly bits adding. Just to add some further character.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Walking Dead: Donna and Allen

I have been hard at work painting up some of the characters from my various sets of Walking Dead all out War, although it has to be said that at the moment I've/we've been playing more Zombicide than anything else. I will paint them next.

Here are the first I have completed for some time.
Donna and Allen.

A bit quick off the mark this morning, some of the wash hasn't dried, neck and arms are a bit wet.

These are nice to paint, clean lines and simple but accurate sculpts, my only problem is that I am slowly running out of paint, so my pallette is really beginning to become more narrow than I would like.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Five Parsecs-Necromunda: Small Terrain

After our game on Monday I realised we needed some small pieces of terrain to play around, so came up with these. These are not really a new design from me but one I have used in other contexts but feel they really work well.

If you look at the terrain I made for IHMN a long while back you will see where I am going with these. Thought it would be good to see them in their raw state first. Will paint in next couple of days.

I used all rubbish bits and pieces from a box of stuff I never chuck away:
cat food box card
old felt pens
hardboard (base)
coaktail sticks
lolly sticks
cereal card
tubing from cling film
odd bits of MDF or timber

Glued with PVA and sometimes superglue when my patience disolves:-)

The PVAcrete makes for a strong base.

Details of console, I like to add small details brings the piece to life when painted.

May well try to make some molds of the next pieces I produce and cast them in plaster as an experiment.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Necromunda: Bounty Hunters Lament

This was the scene for the first game last night, against Rhys over at Wakefield, a straight forward Gang Fight to get me back into the rules.

Thought the terrain did OK, although I have spied the fact that we need some smaller pieces to hide behind, next project.

The bounty Hunters sped forward, big mistake and Rhys Goliaths ripped into them with two heavy stubbers, one on each flank. I was the underdog in this game, by about 300 pts, so not too worried that I only shot once and missed in entire game :-)

Goliaths played by Necrons obviously.

Having smashed some big holes in my gang including Dan Lake, the leader I was forced to take a rout test and failed, end of game. However all my Hunters survived the after battle sequence and gained some useful skills.

Second game was Ambush against Dave's Orks, luckily because I was the underdog by 500 + points I got to choose the scenario.

Having got the Orks surrounded I did a fair ish job of taking out 3 to shooting and 1 in hand to hand, but they all survived to fight again.

Hugo with his grenade launcher, did not hit a thing all evening :-)

Gunning down the Orks, sort of, from on high.

The second game was a victory for Lakes 7, the Orks decided that escape was the best plan in this scenario, very sensible.

Many thanks to Rhys and Dave had two smashing games, not sure when I will play again but am sure it will be soon. 
Cheers :-)

Monday, 17 April 2017

Necromunda: City Block!

Having spent quite a bit of time putting together a load of terrain for the WWarriors Games Club in the last week, I thought it only right that I post the whole lot today. I will be playing with this terrain tonight over at the club and will take a few pictures of my new Bounty Hunter gang as they get the stuffing beaten out of them :-)

Two are base coloured grey, one purple and one green for a bit of variety.

I stayed up till 12:00 last night finishing all the base painting and then this morning I finished them off, rivets and manufacturers marks and yellow stripes.

Slightly different set up.

I have also added lots of extra paint details to the walkways, the rivet marks and the yellow danger marks.

I will be making another 4 buildings sometime in the future, but not immediately. I also have a load of scatter terrain in mind, which I will be working on next: walls and containers/crates, barrels on pallets and barricades.