Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Five Parsecs-Necromunda: Small Terrain

After our game on Monday I realised we needed some small pieces of terrain to play around, so came up with these. These are not really a new design from me but one I have used in other contexts but feel they really work well.

If you look at the terrain I made for IHMN a long while back you will see where I am going with these. Thought it would be good to see them in their raw state first. Will paint in next couple of days.

I used all rubbish bits and pieces from a box of stuff I never chuck away:
cat food box card
old felt pens
hardboard (base)
coaktail sticks
lolly sticks
cereal card
tubing from cling film
odd bits of MDF or timber

Glued with PVA and sometimes superglue when my patience disolves:-)

The PVAcrete makes for a strong base.

Details of console, I like to add small details brings the piece to life when painted.

May well try to make some molds of the next pieces I produce and cast them in plaster as an experiment.

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