Friday, 20 October 2017

Saga: Greeks V Vikings 4 pt battle

Last night Mick and I got together to play our first game of Saga and a jolly time we had.
I have played one time previously but for Mick it was his first time.

We didn't play a scenario from the book, just tried to get the mechanics working, so just tried to bash each other.

Mick took control of my Vikings and I played the Greeks.

Probably approaching it in the wrong way I surged forward to close the gap between the two armies while the Vikings sat back and waited. 

Levi with javelins, didn't get the hang of these really, may drop them next game.

Berserkers and Bondi held the centre.

My Spartan hearthguard attacked the Levi archers and while they killed a few put themselves in a poor position.

I think this Hoplitai may have lost interest in the battle.

Mick's warriors jumped in and managed to kill the Spartans.

In the centre the Berserkers attack my warriors along with the Viking Warlord, the upshot being both the warriors and Berserkers were destroyed, I was very lucky that I managed to rid myself of the Berserkers.

With the Greek right flank falling to bits I shifted my general over to the left and consolidated my position.

At this point still felt I was in the running although on the back foot.

Again aggressively, I stormed into the Viking Bondi on the hill and managed a loss although I did kill a few of the savage warriors.

On the far left the Psiloi continued to pepper the Bondi there and reduced them to two models but could not finish the job.

Then Mick activated his Warlord and attacked mine, due to Warlords Pride. The upshot of which was that they managed to slay each other! I think looking at this picture that Mick could have survived by off loading 3 of the wounds onto the Bondi next to him - due to Resilience. But it didn't change the outcome of the battle overall.

However the writing was on the wall and the bloody battle was over, it was obvious that the Vikings had won. The Greeks had no command dice to play with and only Psiloi left.

We had an interesting game, neither of us had played with the armies before and so the battleboards were a mystery to both of us. I had watched quite a few reports on You Tube, both Rubbishinrubbishout and Celtofkernow which really helped to get the basic mechanics working.

We will be playing again and Mick was already thinking about a faction he might like to play. So all in all a successful evening. Now where is that battleboard, lets see if I can get my head round it!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Saga: Ancient Greeks

I have not posted much about how my Ancient Greek Saga force is coming together, but it has been growing nicely over the last month and hopefully on Thursday I will be playing a 4 pt game against Mick.

Here are the units I have put together so far, a total of 6 points to date. They are mainly Foundry models from 15 years ago, but some are Black Tree and Vendel ( although not in any of these shots).

The whole 6 points.

Warlord- Strategoi


Warriors - Hoplitai, 3 units of 8

Finally the Levy - Psiloi, sporting javelins

The whole army again.

What might I do next? Well I think some nobles on horse might be nice and some more warriors is a must, but not till I am playing 6 pts regularly.

Struggled with the light and focus when doing these, phone kept focusing on the second rank?

Obviously am looking forward to new Saga coming out in new year which looks like Greeks will be a part of :-)

Monday, 16 October 2017

Frostgrave: Multi Part Gaming Mat

Quite a while ago now I bought some cork place mats from Ikea, I had seen DM Scotty use them to create dungeon floors that he could use in his games of D&D. I bought 2 packs for £7.00 I needed 6 place mats to create a roughly 3' by 3' playing area.

 I took the idea and wanted to see if I could produce a six part gaming mat, mainly for use with Frostgrave. With it being in separate parts it can be repositioned and create different effects. This side is going to to be a more dark stoney feel while the reverse will be snowier and whiter.

These two are the least completed.

This is with some terrain on, in fact its the boards I got together for the Beers of War evening gaming session the other week,

The beauty of these mats is that they give loads of variation and I intend doing the reverse side with different designs.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Ghost Archipelago: Island Setting

Thought I would post another way to set up for Ghost Archipelago, but this time with small islands dotted about the seascape.

 I really like the idea of playing the games more like this, where the crew either have to swim or wade between islands or row on smaller vessels. I believe there are rules for such actions in the game.

Some of the islands could be joined by ramps and walkways as well. I'm really trying very hard to use as much terrain as I already have to create the flavour of the Caribbean....ish. 

I realised after I took these pictures that I have a whole box of tropical looking bushes in both green and red that I could have used, perhaps next time.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Five Parsecs From Home: Mapping a Solar system

As an off shoot of the card tiles I found the other day, see a couple of posts back, I've used them to make map of a solar system to plot movement in Five Parsecs.

I will make labels for the different planet names and go from there really.

The colours shown here seem muted to me unfortunately, in reality they are vibrant blue purple and they work OK together. Perhaps I need to take some pictures in my light box.

Seven planets made and one sun. These will link in with the planet sheets I made a few months back and is all part of the idea of creating a more detailed background to play in.

Next I will make the labels and some very small space craft.

Its also made me think I may play Five Parsecs in 10 mm again as its something I've not done in a while.

Eight tiles made so far and I might make more, but not entirely sure, perhaps some special feature tiles, like a space station or asteroid belt, am open to suggestions.