Wednesday, 27 December 2017

D&D: Woof WIP

Last night I spent some time working on a miniature for my friend Marcus whom I play D&D with. He had struggled to find a model that made Woof come to life, hope my attempt does. 

Woof is a feral dwarf, brought up by dogs I believe, who says very little but is ferocious in a brawl.

I have used a GW, LOTR, dwarf to base this miniature on, basically covering him in furs, teeth and hair. I've added some details to give that adventurer look, small back packs and a bed roll, although I can't imagine him using the roll at all.

I'm no seeing Marcus till the 8th of Jan so I will get it painted for him too after I show him where we are with the miniature so far.

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