Monday, 10 April 2017

Necromunda: New Buildings

I have been making these to take to the club on Monday to play Necromunda with. They will need painting but I recon they're not going to take too long to paint, black undercoat and then grey, green or purple over the top and then muddied up with stain as usual.

As per usual these are all made from rubbish, but specifically these are made from the same basic paper copier box that all the Mordheim buildings were made from. I  had been toying with the idea for some while, but not with the copier boxes- then I had an epiphanie.... and here we are with 4 new Necromunda buildings.

All, well nearly all the extra details are made from the cut out door and window sections, so nothing is wasted. All the other card is froma cat food box with some hardboard for a base.

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