Wednesday 16 March 2022

Proving I'm Mad....2 mm Gaming

 Although I have been away, and still am, at my parents I have been doing what I can to keep my hand in, especially drawing but also, modelling with some very simple tools and materials.

 Via the wonder that is Facebook, I become more and more aware of a thriving 2/3mm wargaming scene. I've always been interested in 10 and 15 mm gaming, but never in the micro stuff. Well because of my current situation I thought to myself, what can I use to make some very simple 2mm units so I can play Kings of War on my own and thereby restore my sanity.

The playing area I already had as they were some boards I had drawn to play 15 mm D&D with some while back, put together they just about work as a playing area. The layout above is equivalent to an 8ft by 6ft table.

Elves below.

What's great about 2mm gaming is the size of the table, it can bee so darned small, an A3 sheet becomes a massive wargaming area. just what I need at the moment.  

The Orcs

To begin with I made a prototype to see if it was worth continuing with. They seemed OK, so carried on drawing, cutting and sticking. I had to draw each unit by hand so they took a while, snatching 5 or 30 mins here and there.

Armed with a scalpel, some cat food box card, paper from my sketch book, PVA glue and some really old remnants of Polyfilla rescued from my dad's garage I set about creating first an Orc army and then later a High elf army.

Then I had to get on with painting the ton of little card blocks I had made. Obviously I had not drawn individual orcs so the painting had to be a bit impressionistic, just to give the rough feel, so loads of green, blue for the trolls and red for the standards, very simply done just so they look something close to I used tubes of acrylics bought very cheaply and made washes with them, then just plastered the drawings all over 

The whole Orc force, about 3200 pts in total.
Sand on the bases was pinched from a country path I walk my dogs on.
Finally I gave the whole lot a black wash and a coat of clear glue to give the standards some strength.

Giant and Trolls

Gore Riders and chariots.

Wardrum and Shaman.

Horde of Ax below.

What is great is that the whole army fits into a take away tub, in fact both armies do.

Have played 3 games so far, each 750 pt armies and they have gone well. Will post the Elves next and then some games.
Already planning a Dwarf force :-)


  1. They look amazing! Ara you running both armies when playing solo or is there some AI rules for kings of war that I'm not aware of?

    1. Cheers tomeu, I am running both armies, but using a few ideas from Don Featherstone to make it fun, blind deployment and a simple Oracle from Ironsworn if I feel there is a decision to be made that could go either way, its fun....of sorts :-)

  2. Looks kind of like the Rankin-Bass Battle of the Five Armies. :)

    Very resourceful!

    1. High praise indeed, if only they looked half as good :-)