Monday, 17 December 2018

D&D5e: Warehouse and Tenement Boards

These are the latest, but not necessarily last, building boards I've made for playing D&D in a more 3D environment. In fact I have used a couple of cat food boxes to create two more basic cottage builds, will post when all painted up.

 These two boards are 6" by 12" about twice the size of all the others I have made so far.

Here I have added some of the furniture I've made to give a rough idea of how they look.

I can see these being used as the title suggests or as the basis for a mansion house, added to some of the other smaller tiles to create the upper class residence. (Ahm posh tha knows)

But mainly it gives me loads of other options, like creating a tavern or hotel environment without having to use my other more basic dungeon tiles. 

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