Friday, 7 December 2018

D&D5e: Village Mapping Cards

I have been working on these mapping hexagonal cards recently, much inspired by Mighty Empires, to aid in the creation of villages, towns and cities in our games of D&D.

This is the original sheet I drew out and then scanned into my PC so that I could print and colour to different effects. There are 25 hexs in the set and I reckon I should only need 4 or 5 for a village, perhaps just 2 for a hamlet. So there is plenty of variation from a 25 card set.

This is the first coloured set I made, these I will use to make hamlets,villages and smaller towns.

After I coloured them I copied them on my printer and cut them up and then laminated them.

These are the laminated versions in a small hexagonal box from the Range.

Have completed a more "city" set with deeper tones and cobbled streets. Will post some pictures of how they look as maps shortly. 

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