Saturday, 6 May 2017

Kings of War: Herd V Undead 2000pts

Went over to my friend Mick's last week and played a game of Kings of War, not played for a while.I took 2000 points over to Mick's and he played with his Undead Horde. We played a basic scenario, Kill, says it all really.
I don't have Mick's list so I won't include mine either, its the first time he's played with them , so its an experiment for him, not a final army.

This is the end of the first turn, I had driven forward as hard as I could, with no offensive magic and only a little shooting there was little point.

I judged that the right flank was where I might make a dint in the undead.

Werewolves are fast and hitty, so decided to hit them first, as regiments they aren't so powerful, but a horde is nasty.

The hamlet here saw a lot of early action in the game.

I took a lot of pictures so won't comment on everyone.

I tried to ignore the far left flank where Mick had his nasty units of knights.

Centre of the table beginning to engage. The horde of spirit walkers were routed in one combat, didn't see that coming!

Where the horde of spirit walkers was...

Mick was in a much more commanding position here. I only really have the Brutes, the other units were poor support,especially the near Hunters.

The second Hunters unit realised it would never take any wounds from the Soul Reaver Cavalry.

The Longmanes size up the Werewolves, even without thunderous charge and -1 to hit I decided the wolves had to be their next target.

Mick's far right flank started to turn towards the afray.

Mick's Vampire on Undead Pegasus, smashing miniature, lovely painting.

There is a reason this doesn't look, its because it isn't.

Still struggling with the Revenants and the Werewolves on thr right flank, but getting there.

My centre begins to fold.

Both the Revenants and Werewolves hold on, I help by throwing snake eyes 3 times!!!!

The Brutes about to be routed in the centre.

The right flank took me much longer to clear, not helped by the terrain and the snake eyes!

The centre is lost, well played Mick.

Far too late the right falls to the Longhorns, but they should have been in the flank of the centre units 2 turns before.

I could see no way of pulling it back, so charged and routed the Soul Reavers, faced the Undead Cav and horde of Skeletons knowing it was the end really.

The second Longhorn unit way out of the battle and no help. What I should have done was wait for both units to get together then charge, but no, I am an eejit.

The counter charge came and the Longhorns were wavered, meaning they could do very little next turn, certainly not charge into combat.

My second unit appeared and bounced off the Horde.

The waverd Longhorns were routed and the last regiment looked forlorn and lonely, at this point the game came to an end. 

Victory to Mick and his evil Undead Hordes.

Good stuff Mick, first time with the Undead and a victory.
A great game with some interesting learning points.
The main one being that if a unit doesn't live till the end of a combat, Shamen, no matter how powerful won't get the chance to heal them.

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