Monday, 8 May 2017

Warpath: Firefight Books and Asterian Force

Ordered a copy of Mantics Warpath last week and it arrived on Saturday morning, I have to say I was very impressed with how quickly Mantic posted it out to me. 

I got the three volume set, The Sci-Fi Battle Game, the Source Book and The Sci-Fi Skirmish Game and my first impressions are very favourable, well illustrated and very nicely produced throughout. The rules seem straight forward and I would expect them to be fun, as Kings of War have proved to be.

The 3 books come in a covering sleeve.
When I go to the club I will be playing Asterians, I will be using my old Eldar/Dark Eldar models to represent them.


Sky Razors, swopped their heads for more robotic Tau heads

Kalyshi, need to add some bows to these.


Marionettes with a Phlogis rifle upgrade

Well I am off to the Club tonight to have a few small games to get used to the rules, will take some pictures and have a few more thoughts to share shortly. 

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