Wednesday 2 December 2015

Frostgrave Spell Cards

I have been working on these cards along with some terrain so that I can have a coupe of solo games of Frostgrave. 

I have put together a very small warband at present, just a Wizard, his apprentice a thug and a thief.
So I can get the rules into my head. Will post some sort of sheet with their stats on.
I am working on a Wizard sheet of my own at the moment.

Really enjoyed the whole process of choosing the spells and in fact the whole warband formation

My only regret is that the cards have a "frozen" feel so some further work my be needed to give them a more gritty feel.

I just printed out the spells from the Osprey web site and glued them onto the back. Them put them in Dragon shield card protectors.

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