Saturday 5 December 2015

Frostgrave Terrain

Over the last three weeks I have been trying to create some area and scatter terrain to use in Frostgrave, which I can add to the ruined buildings I already have to make them fit better with the icy, Frostgrave feel.

I have been experimenting with three different ideas.

Old ceiling tiles, which I have checked do not contain asbestos, very scary idea, which cut and shape very easily, painted white along the edges. These I have used to create larger areas of snow field and smaller snow drifts, sort of.

I have also used some old terrain I made for a club I used to run many years ago, as small ice structure terrain. This stuff was originally a kitchen work surface which I liberated from a skip :-)

Finally I have had a bag of white sand knocking about the garage for years now and with it I'm trying to make some small scatter terrain pieces, although I'm not convinced by these two, I think they need rounder more organic shaped bases.

Also I have a load of blue, white and green glass beans that I want to use in one way or another. So we will see how it all goes.

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