Wednesday, 14 November 2018

D&D 5e: Covered in Gnolls!

(Oh and an Owl bear, that was a Gnoll druid in animal form!)

Our Monday nights game of D&D saw Harrid, Subaru, Atrogoth, Klaus and Ortis camping among ruins surrounded by a blizzard. Triggering an ambush by a warband od Gnolls.

Astrogoth and Ortis (my character) took on the Owl bear and eventually cut him down, judicious use of fighter maneuvers kept Ortis in the game while the Owl bear managed to waste several of his attacks. So the gnome took out the Owl bear!

You may have recognised the terrain pieces, I made them for playing Frostgrave about a year ago- no I never throw anything away :-)

The rest of the party took on all the other Gnolls and slaughtered the lot after several turns.

Harrid removed the fleeing Gnoll with his hand axe, keeping our presence secret for now.

Must say thanks to Lee for DM ing and the other members of the party for making the evening so much fun. Cheers Luke, Steve, Marcus and Ryan, a thrilling night was had by all :-)

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