Sunday, 28 April 2019

Five Parsecs: Odi Sante Mission 4

The crew had 3 members going into this game in sick bay, although only Maz had a minor injury so not terribly important in game terms. Crew upkeep cost 3 credits which left 3 to play with, added to which was 1 cred from Maz's water still giving a total of 4 creds. Not enough to get off world (you need 5!).

Darrsha decides to visit Sal Bleng a local crime lord to see if she can get some paid work, while Eema and Max both spend the time training.
Darrsha came back a few hours later with news that Bleng had a problem with some alien mercenaries who had infiltrated one of Bleng's drug production facilities and refused to leave. The crew were to be paid to escort them from the underground premises or kill them, Bleng couldn't care less which way the scenario played out. Even though above ground in the city, there was an air of political unrest and infighting which may have been behind the infiltration, Bleng needed the Mercs gone and didn't care how. 

The 6 crew members led by Eema and below the card and figures for the alien mercs. The crew did not know where in the facility the mercs were, to represent this I placed individually in each room, on contact a dice was thrown and if a 5/6 was thrown it was one of the 2 groups of mercs anything else was a false alarm. During this period the mercs moved randomly until contact was made.

In the first turn Timtuc opens the main door while Eema moves up next to him and the rest of the crew dash up the stairs and into the first compartment.

Rolling to decide the order of actions I managed to roll only well enough that one of the crew got to move before the random moves of the mercs. Made little different though as no one could see each other. 

In the second turn the 2 other doors were opened

Max dashes to the bottom of the right had corridor and tucks in behind some containers.

Then the random movement of 2 of the mercs brought them into view of some of the crew.

Maz aimed and shot at the merc to the left but missed and Timtuc hit twice but at this point it became obvious the merc stood there was nothing but an illusionary hologram. 

The real mercs appeared beside the single merc before Darrsha and Remi.

But as can be seen from the dice above the crew got to act first.

Darrsha killed one and Remi the other two, impressive. 

At this point in the game there was a lot of investigation of the facility...

Movement around the facility ......

Gathering the crew together in one area of the facility to suss where the rest of the mercs were hiding.

Max checks the door to the med bay and realises that he had been following his nose towards another hologram. Doh.

Swinging round Remi reaches the northern doorway and opens it. 

The rest of the crew are closing in, but still out of range.

As a result the mercs get to shoot first piling all their shots into the only target they had, Remi, who hits the metallic floor with a thud.

Darrsha and Max begin to edge towards the open door, Darrsha checking on her friend Remi to make sure he was OK. Fair to middling apparently.

Taking aim down the corridor Eema shoots her hunting rifle and downs the merc at the front.

Max and Darrsha storm forward, Max shooting his flamer, but missing, how who knows?

the merc leader, desperate now shoots at Max, misses, and then skoots back behind the corner.

Max unloads a plume of flame towards the corner and sets the merc aflame, he dies screaming.

Post Game
The team picked up 4 creds and a nano booster for their troubles and Remi (seen below) only had to spend one day in sick bay and had his speed reduced by 0.5 as a result of his wound.
Eema gave Remi the nano booster to correct his speed.

The rest of the crew are fine, looking forward to a bit of R&R with their stash of 8 credits and then to get off world. They have all had enough of Horst but now they can leave.

Left to right, back to front:
Darrsha and Timtuc6
Maz, Eema and Max.


  1. Both visually and in terms of report this is perfect. Love the style of your miniatures and the terrain.
    More like this please 😉!

    1. Thanks Wouter, I aim to please, and so there will be another 2 reports heading your way soon :-)