Monday, 21 October 2019

Variation on a theme: Altars

To go along with Temple model I've been working on for my son, I've also be creating a couple of Altars that he can use.

Have added some extra GS to this model, will point out when painted.

This first one was constructed with Foam board, skewers were added and some card board details. Finally the main structure was covered in PVAcrete, for that stone effect.

The second Altar was really created much the same, but I used Das+PVA to create the cloth altar cover.

Painting next which really should not take long, however I do have quite a few different projects on the go :-) 


  1. These look really cool. They will be ace when finished!

    1. Thanks Simon, hope so, will be finished in next couple of days

  2. I like the one with the cloth the best, I think that one will look the best once painted. The other one is great too of course.