Thursday 20 February 2020

Making Cobblestone Sections

In the last few weeks I have been sculpting over the top of builds I made years ago and giving them a make over, so to speak. Here are two of my latest small pieces, both with a cobblestone feel to them.

Starts with smearing on PVAcrete over the surface.

Then using a couple of tools to sculpt the marks into the mix, with a rough feel to make it look weather beaten and some areas where the cobbles no longer actually exist.

The same with the fallen wall section below.

Here is my little tub of home made PVAcrete, its just sand and PVA mixed together.

Thumb it on and then spread it out with a tool.

Mark it up lengthwise, then I used the wooden coffee stirrer tool I made myself. Its just been sanded down on one long edge and one short end, not rocket science :-)

Back to the circular cobbled area. almost complete.

Both pieces all finished, they are usually dry in an hour, ready to paint.

The cobbled circle above is based on 5 mm MDF and the fallen wall below is based on cheap corrugated card from a box.