Sunday 31 January 2021

January Roundup

To begin with some 10 mm sculpts, some for High Elves possibly and others for Sci Fi genres

This one was made in Fimo and I was not happy with how it went at all, not be using Fimo again for 10 mm, too small

Was happier with this GS version, will be making a press mold of this one next.

Obviously I have been working on Flat figures some more, these are both repurpose drawings I made earlier. The Wyvern I drew with arms I copied at 200% and made into a young Red Dragon.

The Troglodytes were shrunk Slaad drawings miniaturised by about 30%.

These are a test piece, a unit of Orc warriors for KOW, made from the drawings I made in the 80's

A regiment made from 2 troops.



Tiles I have had from the very start of this Blog and appeared first on Warseer. These have been bugging me for some time as I don't use them, its the borders. They were for Warhammer Quest originally but D&D don't need them borders.

A quick experiment in rocky outcrops, scraps of cardboard underneath.

A three part rocky spire which has already appeared in games of D&D.

The first two backdrops I have made for D&D for use online and in person, like using these, cheers to the DMG for inspiration.

Thanks for bearing with me this month, been a bit odd. Have had two sessions where I have had to self isolate and this has some what robbed me of the want to craft quite so much and bother with the blog. Hopefully as the year goes on this will all change.
Hope all of you are keeping well and keeping safe.
Cheers for dropping in, Darryl


  1. Ahhh, the 90's. I think the savage orcs were my favorite unit, well done!

    1. Yep they certainly inspired me BaldingNinja :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Riot, enjoying your Instagram posts too