Friday 9 April 2021

Small Ruins from Large

This could be termed as another refurbishing job, but since I never actually played with any of this stuff lets call it further development instead.

I started to build two new ruined buildings, just for the fun of it, but lost my way and never completed them. Then I decided they either had to go or needed realising in a different way.

So I got on with it,

I stuck a base on it for stability and began working on the timbers. On this build I decided it was time for a different technique/material. I used tapers to create the wood which I marked with a pointed modelling tool.

Then I added a whole lot of sand and glue in the form of PVAcrete, which made the structure very strong and very tough.

Added loads of extra little details which I really enjoyed doing.

There a few areas that need some further work, but basically its done and next I will be painting it.

What I like about these separate ruins is that you can place them together to create a whole building or use them individually or play with them to create all sorts of new configurations.

This is one of the original two buildings I began making ages ago out of a cat food box, my favourite material to build with.

But I just wasn't feeling it, so they didn't get very far and took up a ton of space on my table.

Will post the painted version and further developments in the near future.



  1. Nice work! I need to get a lack of coffe stirers and some balsa wood and have a go at making some of these myslef! I was given 3 empty Pringles by my best friend so I can make some ruined towers

    1. Go for it Ian, you know you have too :-)

    2. I've ordered some coffee stirers and balsa wood off eBay tgis morning as you've inspired me to have a go at making some buildings!

    3. Good stuff Ian, will look for your models on Facebook