Wednesday 31 March 2021

Backdrops for D&D

You may have seen in previous posts I have altered from a top down view when player D&D online to a more 3D, stage set type view. As such I have been painting/modelling some backdrops that I can use.

Here are the two latest I have made, one for forest adventures and another for city/town type urban games.

With other terrain in front they do a pretty good job of creating a backdrop with 3D elements to bring them to life.

Again I would like to mention DMG as without his inspiration I would not have thought of this.

This one below will do for now but I need to do some work on the roof lines and especially the far left side as I just didn't do a very good job on the perspective.

With houses in front it works well enough.

However I have been experimenting with printing pictures I have taken which I can blow up and print over several pages, these may well give a far easier way to achieve the same result. Another post when I have some success with that.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Wayne, been fun trying to paint again, mixed results :-)

  2. I don't play RPG's, and if I did I would never play them online. But I've also really been enjoying the DMG's "stage" idea. I think I miss making dioramas in school. :)

    As always, your artistic talent is impressive!

    1. Cheers Marc, got to say I don't like playing RPGs online either, just the times :-)
      I did a little backdrop painting when at art college, a very long time ago and a much larger scale than these 2ft boards :-)