Friday 12 March 2021

D&D: Zombie Beholder Flat

Extending my growing number of card monsters or Flats again this week with a Beholder drawing which can be used to create pretty much any Beholder you care to mention.

In the next few days I have a game coming up where I need a zombie Beholder so decided to make one flat for the time being.

I'm quite happy to play with flats and enjoy making them.

Beholders bum!

This one looks like it has hardly any colour, its zombie heritage showing through.

However now that I have the design drawn out I can colour it any way I like and change its scale when I print it.

In the making are some flat Flesh golems, here are the designs.

The three designs in the lower right above are to replace the ends of arms to give a more varied look.

When I have made some, planning to create 5 I will post them.

Next post I will looking Stargrave and how I have started to prepare for its arrival.


  1. Lovely work Darren! I wish I could draw as well as you