Sunday 11 July 2021

Cottage/Shop front for DnD and...


What started as a simple construction, and one which I was not happy with, has undergone quite a few changes and now has many uses.

I have extended the roof, detailed the inside walls and added wood beams, but the most interesting bits are the partial, ruined side walls and the ruined floor for the second floor. It now resembles and fits in with the other ruins I have recently been making.

This means that I can still use it for DND as originally designed but I can also use it for Frostgrave and even Kings of War as ruins.

Also it stores a lot easier than the full cottages I have made in the past, which I like very much. I have started to add these features to a second town house with 2 floors. Will be painting this hopefully at the end of the week.

I much prefer to have multiple uses for my builds, I have to say I am much happier with this model now.

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