Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Five Parsecs from Home

I recently bought a double package of games, Five Parsecs from Home alongside the core rules Fivecore Skirmish Gaming Evolved, which I bought from the Imperial Vault, as a download, for only a few pounds.

I bought it primarily because I was hoping it would have some rules for Solo play to help me with the Necrozone type game I have been working on. As you may have guessed it has stalled at the moment.

But the more I have been looking at it and the Fivecore rules, the more I have enjoyed reading them, making me want to have a go at playing the system as it is.

I have just bought another supplement for the game £2.71 Every Star an Opportunity, so I think in total I may have spent £10 or there abouts for 3 rulebooks.

I am really looking forward to spending some time reading through all the material, reminds me of the first time I played Traveler back in the 80's. I really loved the planet generation tables, in fact I wrote two simple program's for the Acorn Electron: one for character generation and the other for planet generation, both random in nature. Never wrote another program after that, loading the things up from a tape recorder!!!! What was all that about?

So Five Parsecs from Home gets a big thumbs up from me, thank you, Ivan Sorensen.