Sunday 22 March 2015

Droid Squad

I seem to be very much geared towards creating stuff, models and terrain for Five Parsecs at the moment. I make no apologies, the way I view it is as a modeller I have to go with what I want to create and at the moment Five Parsecs has me in its grip. I am really enjoying playing the game and making all the stuff, miniature wise, that goes with it. So I will continue on this vein.

That's not to to say that quest has been dropped, far from it, yesterday I spent most of the evening putting the Chaos Dwarf deck together and the Cavern Cards as well, its just that they are nowhere near finished.

I really enjoyed tinkering with these models, see what you think: my Droid Squad.


  1. I love the kitbashed nature of them!
    They remind of something you'd see in Trigun, perfect!
    The green neon tinge works great too, since it looks unlike what you'd see on a uniform

    1. Well I'm working with a limited pallette :-) There's a Necron leader, with a scarab docbot?, three drones which I have done little too and then a Space Marine bike in two pieces with Tau bits added. The colour scheme I saw on the net, can't remember where, and I used a modelling tool to add loads of rivet marks to make them seem a bit more "steampunk" , Glad you like them.