Sunday 15 March 2015

Mission Three: Five Parsecs

Mission Three
The Unoleg Affair:
On arrival at Sarin, Junke, Vassily and Kratoom trek out into the city to find a patron and rather too quickly, bump into an unusual character named Blade, a little pretentious thought Vassily. Turned out he worked for a mysterious man named Oskar Unoleg who needs a job doing.

It would seem the crew have been given their first true quest. Their first mission is to locate a man named Jung Tomas who knows the whereabouts of a very powerful psyker. It is the psyker that Osker Unelog is after. So first they need to persuade Tomas to divulge the location of one Halo Jobes.

Back on the Sulimann and well out of any quest, Kassel successfully rolled for a players action and managed to shorten his injury time down to 3 turns, his bionics must have helped in his recuperation.
(This actually happened end of last game but forgot to mention it.)

Also Jazz went out on his own to try and find a good deal on Sarin's black market. But only managing to find an old fashioned blade, better than nothing. He then checked the duplicator and stowed the Dazzle grenade it had produced.

And where is Jung Tomas hiding away, right at the top of the tower of course!

Deployment of crew and the Unity troopers.

At this point after 2 scurry rolls neither side new the other was about, they just wanted to get to Tomas as quickly as possible.

This is just the moment when the unity troopers had their first sight of their foe. A fire fight roll was not what the crew needed!

Junke downed and Jazz sent flinching!

One good trooper.

The unity troops again shot down the long ally sending both Jazz and Kratoom running for cover.

But Junke had been helped to her feet and shot down the trooper who had climbed up the building. 

Unity troopers consolidate their positions.

Another climbs further up the building heading for Tomas.

Junke, Kratoom and Jazz follow in desperation.

Vassily tries to contain the Unity troopers left.

Junke looks up. Both her and Kratoom shoot. A Bail result from Junke sends the trooper dashing for cover, but then Kratoom guns him down.

Vassily uses his Cling fire pistol to down one trooper and make the other flinch.

Tomas seems confused by the gunfire.

Vassily bails under fire but stops himself just at the tables edge.

Jazz takes a shot and misses.

Junke scales upwards towards Tomas.

Jazz is downed!

Kratoom opens up from above and kills one trooper while Vassily burns the other.

Junke reached Tomas and eventually managed to persuade him to help the crew. So next they will be trying to locate the Psyker.

After the confrontation Jazz was found to have only a flesh wound, he made a full recovery.
The crew found a large box of Loot in the tower, it contained 5 Frak grenades, 3 Dazzle grenades, and 2 Havok charges, very useful. 

Also on another good note Kassel managed to pass another player action and so will be able to play the next mission. I have to mention Kratoom again in this game, he really pulled all the stops out and managed to kill 2 more enemies. Unfortunately it seems that Unity forces have now heard the names of Junke, Kratoom and the other crew of the Sullimann

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