Friday 13 March 2015

Quest: Hazards

I don't often record what happens between our games of Quest, but recently I have been thinking about how we actually organise and rule them. I watched the film made by Sam and the group over at BtGM, and the pre and post game sequence interested me.

The way they organise their map is different, they actually map all the dungeon entrances as well as villages and towns. When it comes to movement they actually measure the distance and that gives them time travelled. All this sounds good to me and it set me thinking its what I would like to do.

So I think I will be reviewing my island map and drawing in far more locations.

Finally I have to say that I can get quite fed up with the number of hazards that seem to crop up when we play. A few months back we had a situation where the adventurers got lost and ended up travelling for 10 weeks! We had a Storm, Fall, Fire, Lost, Militia, Flood, were Waylaid and had a Bad Map!!! Just too, too much.

I have decided to borrow a simple mechanism from Fivecore and first throw to see if there is a hazard. I will throw 1D6 and on a 1 or 6 a hazard is then rolled for on the Quest table via a D66.
This will be an experiment, but I'm hoping that it will cut the events down to something more like 1 to 3 and be a bit more manageable.

So I am going to record what happens tomorrow and take some photos of the event.

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