Sunday 1 November 2015

Compact and Worn Starship Deck Plans: By Billiam Babble

Bought these last night and decided to share them. I have been aware of Billiam Babble's excellent floor plans and drawings for a few years now, having knocked around some Heroquest and Warhammer Quest forums that he has produced material for.

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Click on his Logo to see some of the other material he has on Drivethru RPG.

They have a great quality about them, the stressed/worn feel. which I think really suits ClashOTF and Five Parsecs. For only a few pounds they were a must buy for me, cheers Mr Babble.

My other thoughts are, do I have a go at making one in 3D, from card n stuff.
If I can capture the feel they would look good, I would ask Billiam before hand of course.

I only printed one ship off last night and laminated it so I could have a go with a few of my miniatures for ClashOTF. So I see these as being used for 10 mm and they seem to work fine. My printer is not great to be honest, but they still look great.

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