Saturday 31 October 2015

KOW: Bear with me...

Here is the last big model I will be making for a while, although I do own another brown bear that I could alter, but not yet.

I think he looks a bit lost and forlorn, or perhaps I'm just remembering London Zoo, the poor polar bear walking himself into madness.

He will be my Greater Earth Elemental in the KOW Dwarf army.

That's better, he's almost smiling.

I took Michael's/Serefina's suggestion and gave the bears a lick of stain to remove their whiteness!

I thought I would shoot all three of these as they go together well and have some similarities.
The Greater Earth Daemon is 160 pts but rather nasty.

The Steel Behemoth is very scary too and comes in at 250 pts. So these two units take me to within spitting distance of 2500 pts and my aim is to get to 3000. If I can do that then I will not have any more models left.

I have enough Dwarfs for 20 Ironguard, 40 Bulwarkers and 10 Brock riders, that should take me too 3000 pts ish.

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