Friday 2 October 2015

Terrain Flooring

I have been experimenting with how I make terrain pieces recently. Specifically areas of flat ground which can be overlaid with small sheet terrain to alter their look or just to add a bit of character to what can be a bit boring.

Lino overlaid with the star ship boards I made quite a while ago now.

A cobbled road.

At 50 p a sheet, not bad.

I used the kitchen lino a while back to give my 10 MM miniatures a different back ground, then I remembered I also had the floor area from Deadzone that would work equally well.

Then this week I was in The Range and had a minor epiphany concerning the use of thin foam sheet which comes in a wide variety of colours and which can be curt to any useful size. So I made these.
All I did was use a biro to add detail and then to fasten the ink I coated them in water based stain. They are only 50p for a 22 cm by 30 cm sheet.

I can see my travel Quest 10 mm set being made quite cheaply and quickly. Also I will be experimenting with starship deck plans for the ClashOTF games I play.

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