Saturday 10 October 2015

Kow: Dwarf Gyrocopters

I am presently working hard to complete my 2000 point Dwarf army for Kings of War, hopefully done by the end of the month. (Also work has been full on at the moment so posting has been a struggle this week :-( )

So here are the Gyrocopters that I made a while ago and some possible stats I found on the Mantic forum by Hellebore.

Just to prove the propellers go round.

Dwarf Aerocopters                Large Infantry
Unit Size      Sp  Me  Ra   De   At   Nv   Pts
      1        8   4+  5+   5+    2    9/11  60
Troop (3)      8   4+  5+   5+    6    11/13  135
Regiment (6)   8   4+  5+   5+    12  14/16  250

Special: Crushing Strength (1), Fly, Breath Attack (4x unit size)

May take bombs for +25 points. The unit may make 1 shoot attack every round in addition to their breath attack, treat these as Piercing (2) Thrown weapons with Blast (1D6).

 Thanks very much to Hellebore over on the Mantic forum.

All made from cereal card, mounting card and cocktail sticks.
The bases are 6 mm MDF, with some slate roof tile pieces from a neighbour who put on a new roof and had a few breakages.

The Dwarf is just a GW plastic warrior and I added other bits I found in the warriors box.

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