Friday 30 October 2015

ClashOTF: 10 mm versions of Five Parsecs Crew

Off and on now for a week I have been sculpting my Five Parsecs crew of the SS Suliman in 10 mm so that I can use them in more than one genre. Here are the green versions of the miniatures and I will be creating a crew sheet with all their ClashOTF stats.

I think the Halo Jobes version is a bit wide in the middle, may well have to take a file to her today.

I still have hands and shoulders to sculpt as well as some details on weapons etc, but I find that the arms are thin and have to cure fully before you can add to them. So these got left over night.
(sorry about huge dog hair)

Still finding heads very difficult and because I have not sculpted in 10 mm for a while I have got out of the habit. Not good. Will practise more.

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