Wednesday 14 October 2015

Days of Warhammer Past

Here's a bit of a glimpse into my somewhat sordid past. When I first started to play WFB  back in the early 90's I played with "Flat" models made from card and these designs that I painted onto paper with acrylics. 

Steve only reminded me on Monday just how odd it was to play against someone whose army winked out of existence when they turned to the side. But I really enjoyed making these and playing with them.

How did I make them? Well I would get these sheets copied, had no PC at the time, and used to cut the inner core from thick card, 10 at a time on my small bandsaw. At the time I was a bandsaw operator for a company in Bradford. Then hand cut the copies, back and front, glue them with wood glue, make a base and there you go.

I do not have any examples left, I gave them all away years ago.

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