Tuesday, 16 February 2016

KOW: Dwarfs V Varangur 2000 points

Played Steve the Magnificent last night over at the club, The Wakefield Warriors, 2000 pts of Dwarfs against Varangur, which would have been Chaos warriors, in old money :-)

Didn't take a lot of pictures as was wrapped up in the game, so these just give the flavour. Ths picture is on about turn 3. 

The game was very much in the flux, early succeses for the Darwfs were somewhat over-shadowed by my inability to roll high enough on the nerve test, but its the dice, not me.

Possibly missed out on a charge with the Bulwarkers which may have helped me out, but there you go.

The Berserkers could just not injure the Jabberwock, Def 5 made it hard to pin down, in fact the Jabberwock routed Berserkers in the end. After two rounds of combat.

But in the end by means of attrition and outnumbering the Varangur were defeated.
Somewhat shocked by the outcome, that means I have actually won 2 games in a row with the Dwarfs, absolutely amazing.
This game was also played against a chess clock as well, we had 45 mins per side, makes you think carefully and quickly.
Units of the day were the 3 Drillers, one actually survived the whole game and the Organ guns who shot down a regiment of sons of Korgaan. 

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