Monday, 22 October 2018

D&D 5e: New Playing Board

This is the new 2ft square board, like the two smaller boards I made earlier, where I cut the squares into the 12 mm MDF with a Stanley knife. Not terribly struck by the wash I used here, may have to be altered.

This is the pre-washed second side of the board.

This is the B side of the board, so to speak, before I had applied the home made wash. I was going for a more temple type feel here and I wanted a more varied square size. 

These are some pictures of the washed board. I really watered the wash down this time and it worked much better.

This picture is just the board up against a box I made a few years back, was meant to be for my armies but now its used as candle container, Mrs Daxio loved it that much.

After looking at the original colour of the more grey board I came to think it wasn't actually grey enough and that the wash I had applied had made streaks that didn't look good, so I spent a while dry brushing a very light grey over the top in the more busy areas.

Much happier with how this looks now.

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