Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Feywild Village/Town Designer Hexagons

These are a set of Hex tiles I designed to help me plan and create places in the Feywild. Map making only gets my pulse racing for the first couple and then it becomes a chore. With these I can make any number of towns, villages or even cities if I need them.

I drew out the originals and coloured them with pencils, then I photocopied them with my printer and cut a set out.

Those were then laminated and ready to use.

To create a place I blu tac them to a sheet of A4 hex paper, when I'm happy I photocopy them again and keep the copy.

Examples of the "tree" house set of tiles.

Below laid out to create a multilayered town up in the trees.

A mixture of the ground and tree hex's.

Three locations I have used in our games of D&D.
The Town of Adressin. I add notes to the map of prominent places and NPC homes/shops etc.

The Village of Aio.

The Village of Acron.

The Village of Rosasea, to which I added a little detail in the centre of the village for role play purposes.

The first colour rendition of the tiles.

Finally the original hand drawn tiles before colour was added. I always colour a copy, not the original just in case I screw it up.