Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Small Shack Complete

 This was supposed to be a more straight forward build but because I used pieces of plaster to represent the stone for the walls it actually become a more fiddly body of work. A process I will probably not use again.

The other problem I had with this build was at the painting stage as I have run out of the deep brown colour I use to undercoat wood. Now this is going to sound a bit sad, but being retired I have to watch the pennies ( car needs MOT ing! ). So I had to use whatever paint I had to hand. 

I still have at least 3 more cottages to refurbish as well as The Windy Wharfe Tavern, all of which I will be working in a more traditional way.


  1. Beautiful scenery, very convincing!

  2. Looks great. The variance in colours is reallt effective.

    1. Cheers Riot, comes of having a naturally shoddy painting style :-)

  3. A gorgeous piece of terrain, all your hard work definitely paid off here.