Sunday, 22 September 2019

GM Screen Birthday Present

These are some preliminary shots of the GM screen I have built in the last fortnight for my son's birthday, been away a week in Wales so didn't have time to post what I had been making. The motifs are taken from Tom's pantheon of gods he wrote for his games of D&D, each had a symbol and after a discussion he felt they would be good to have on the screen.

The images I drew out first on paper then cut them to use as templates to make the foam shapes that you see here. Then I glued the shapes onto the MDF board with PVA. 

A few details of the cut shapes glued in place.

Here's a design I never used in the end, it just didn't fit with the other images I already had, so I re-designed it.

Equally here are another 2 ideas that fell by the wayside.

Prior to gluing in place.

Here is the GM screen completed and ready to go.
The main panel.

The two side panels.

The interior details.

I prefer this boar image to the drawing I showed you earlier.

Some close up details.

Enjoyed making this screen, took me back to my designing days dealing with difficult customers and such...... only joking Tom :-)