Monday, 4 November 2019

Lindisfarne Castle:Holy Island

Lindisfarne Castle built about 1550 ish, on Holy Island Northumberland near Berwick. We visited it this weekend while we had a short break away.

Approaching from the village, west of the castle. I spent my time looking at this from the terrain builders and D&D points of view.

Nice bit of cobblestone walkway and some lovely rocky outcrops.

Very high rock approach and then the vertical walls. If I were going to use this as inspiration for a D&D location I would make it even higher but then add a winding approach road, with access to caverns beneath the castle.

The final long open approach to the entrance.

These are actually Lime kilns, local industry, but they could be the lair of a creature of some sort, protecting the Castle from attacks via the sea.

The North side of the castle, ridiculously, I had problems with the sun as I took these pictures.

Looks like the basis for a wizards tower to me :-)

Upturned boat hulls for small cottages, would develop this idea further and create a larger community living outside the castle.

The castle looks drab and plain, unimaginative (yes because its real, not a fantasy) so the occupants might be cruel and vindictive, only interested in power, wealth and the subjugation of the locals.....perhaps.

The locals live in fear and rarely get to venture inside the castle, only a few trusted individuals or those that have relatives held captive in the dungeons below 

(Brand new stone window mullions and decoration, very nice, must have been difficult to fit.)

Had fun walking aroun the castle and look forward to including it in one of my games of D&D as a location: inspiration comes from all around it seems.


  1. Your totally making your own version of this ;0)

  2. That must have been a beautiful walk.