Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Crates,Tables, Sacks and Temple Scenes

Completed the models I have been making for my son, for his D&D campaigns.

Crates and sacks. Crates sculpted by me, using Das and the sacks sculpted by my friend Wayne Cooper, very nice, cast by Luke.

Crates are based on foamboard, cut into squares and glues then overlayed with Das and PVA.

The larger areas are box base and lid that all the bits fit into except the columns.

The whole piece set up as an example for play.

I had already made a boat so added that.

Last of all I would like to thank all the folks that follow the blog and those that comment, it is much appreciated.

Happy Christmas to you all and a happy new year :-)


  1. Great job mate, really well sculpted.
    Your son probably doesn't realise how lucky he is with a dad like you.

  2. Excellent work mate. Also have a Merry Christmas.