Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Home Made War Game Mat

A couple of weeks back I decided to finally have a go at making myself a war games mat. Since it was finished it has been rolled up and left on top of a cupboard to see how well it would do when unraveled.

Its only 3ft by 4ft, sort of thing for playing Saga on. 

I was very much aware that I didn't want to have too much flock on the mat, as it would probably all fall off, so i didn't put too much on. Also I wanted to make sure it looked different from my boards.

I made it to take either to the club or my friend Mick's when we play Saga.

With some terrain on it looks fine to me, may have a go at ironing the reverse at some point as I forgot too when I was making it.

It was made from a heavy painters cloth from EBay, which bought about 4 years ago, yeah I like to work nice and slow... 

The painters cloth, cut up gave me 3 mats 3ft by 4ft and one that I may get a 2ft by 2 ft mat from.

I covered the cloth with a thin layer of decorators caulk with some brown acrylic paint mixed in.

Then I sprinkled and pressed into the caulk a good smattering of flock, dark, medium to bright green.
Then later when it was dried I decided it needed some more flock so added some more with PVA watered down to hold in place.

All in all, this is a mat that will be an experiment and get used until it falls to bits. One thing I must do is secure the one edge that is not hemmed. Will be used next time I play away from home, will review it then. 


  1. Looking great! The thin flock gives it a very arid look.

    1. Thanks Lasgunpacker, was looking to create a different look to my very green looking solid board I have for home use. Might have been better to have a lighter brown tone alongside the brown, perhaps next time :-)

  2. Looks great, especially with the terrain on top. First price for ingenuity