Monday 22 June 2020

D&D: Dinosaur Encounter: Second

Not much to say about these really, they come from same boxed set of kids toys the Pteradons came from and so were very cheap. Still have loads in the box that may get used in the future.

Not dynamically posed and not terribly exciting, but cheap and cheerful. When there is a really good chance I am never likely to use dinosaurs in a campaign ever again, cheap is where you have to go.

Some bases added and a lick of paint and a wash or two and they work OK.

Can't really complain when I only paid £2.99 this tub of dinos have been in my loft waiting to emerge for 3 years now.

Last post in this group will be up this week, focuses on the larger cousins of this lot and that didn't come in the tub.


  1. I have the exact same models (but paid £3.99 - so yours must have been around a while).

    You did a good job of them for a 'lick of paint'.

    1. Cheers Ben, £3.99 is a good price too. They were fun to knock out :-)