Friday 26 June 2020

D&D: Dinosaur Encounter: Third

This last set of pictures is mainly about the larger Dinos, that I picked up from a couple of second hand shops, for pennies, probably £5 for the lot.

Pretty much the same size but of varying quality, some didn't make the cut as they looked too cartoony and toy like. These were ok, so a coat of paint dry brush and wash over the top, as per the smaller critters in the other 2 posts. 

The lower one had pose-able limbs, so I glued those.

Very cheap, quick to create, but took some time to collect. Patience was the word, but then I never had a date when I knew they would be needed for, so wasn't a problem really.

So that's it there will be no more dinosaur posts for some time now :-)

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