Sunday, 15 November 2020

Human Warrior Flats


I finished drawing and inking a set of human warrior flats last week. The complete sheet above and some details below

These are different to ones I have made before as the arms are separate and so there is a variety of weapon choices.

There are medium, heavy and light armoured bodies, influenced by the Oathmark Human figures.
Archer, spearmen, swordsmen and double handed swordsmen can be made from the one sheet.

Half sheet views below. I draw out the front then fold the A4 sheet stick it up at the window, I don't own a light box, and trace round then draw in the backs.

Then I ink over the lot.

These are some Elves I made many years ago and painted with acrylics.

These are 3 flats I made from the villager drawings I made a while back and then hand drew weapons to see how they would look. I then water coloured them. They are better drawings then the elves, but not as brightly coloured. You can't have everything.

It was these that made me think about drawing the Human sheet as I was considering using them to create an Oathmark army. Still not too sure what I will do with them yet.

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