Saturday, 21 November 2020

The BEST Modular Dungeon Tiles DIY Cardboard Terrain

I have been following the exploits of the DMG for some years now. In fact it was his You Tube videos that helped me when I first started creating furniture for my Warhammer Quest set.

So recently he has had a break but is now back creating a new method of creating the play area for D&D and I find it a dead interesting idea.

Having gone back into lockdown here in GB, playing D&D online is the only option. DMG's ideas giving a more theatrical backdrop method immediately appealed to me. While I won't be making exact copies of his work I will be taking his great ideas and applying them to my situation.

The great thing is that I can use the "backdrop" idea for online and live play. Looking forward to trying it out. Will be posting some backdrops shortly and how I am supporting them.

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