Tuesday 15 December 2020

Flats: Giant Eagles

For quite sometime eagles have been a feature of our D&D games. Since Yulmanda the Wood Elf Druid could shapechange into a flying creature and be able to cast Polymorph spell.

Although I could have dragged my several giant eagles from my KOW Nature army box, I realised I really didn't want too. So I set about making some by hand, based on some paintings I had made derived from the GW eagles of the 90's.
These I made in the same way I had made all the other flats I've created in the last 6 months.

I cut the bases from card and glued the overlapped section of the stand to them and the covered the whole lot with PVAcrete which I will paint and flock at some point

Finally, a cautionary picture to warn people who own cats just what, even the nicest of felines, is capable of. Harry decided to climb up the inside of our loft bed and knocked several boxes to the floor, breaking many models. He is a darling...


  1. Very cool! I made the switch over to paper miniatures a while ago and haven't looked back. A nice idea for people without much room (or a nagging wife who complains about your storage problem!). ;)

    1. All very good points fella, I thoroughly enjoyed making them too :-)