Monday 21 December 2020

KOW: Orc Gore Rider Troops


My KOW army has been undergoing some changes since the new edition came out, even though I have yet to play, and I needed some chaff to chuck out in front of my infantry units.

So I have raided the very last dregs of my Warhammer army to create 3 troops of Gore riders. Not the cheapest of chaff it has to be said, but quite resilient and a little shocking if I'm lucky.. Who am I fooling I am never lucky when it comes to games!

Here they are placed to look like a regiment with a troop alongside.

My Battle Standard/Flagger 

Now I might be going to add bows to these figures so that I can deploy them as Skulks Outriders which are not so hitty but quite a bit cheaper per troop. I have made the bows and the quivers, just need to paint them and glue them on. Will post one troop as an example when complete.


  1. Nice thicc chaff 💚 That classic standard bearer with the hook hand is probably one of my favorite GW orcs ever ;)

    1. Cheers H Garou, always loved the Boar riders from GW and that BSB certainly has character :-)